Monday, April 1, 2013

Water Plant

We are blessed with a MINI MINERAL WATER plant installed on our hostel. It is been a privilage to see our lord working in miraculous way. Lord bless them.

We are now drinking filtered drinking water.

Here is the difference, what we used to drink before and what we are drinking now.

this what we are drinking now after the mineral water plant.

Thank you so much for everything...

Here is the difference

Prayer: Lord, your son has provided your people when we are in need. Father we are not rich to give back or pay the favor back to them. You are our adobe, so we ask you favor the sponsor that has given us these facility to have a better life. We thank you and bless the sponsor who sponsored it. In the name of JESUS. Let his cup not go empty. Amen.

Love you all bye.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Met Life Song Ministries at Vijayawada Air Port.

I was able to meet Life song ministries at vijayawada air port on 15th MARCH 2013. I got a chance to talk to David Nelson the foot ball player. He is very tall, that is what my first thought was. And his brothers are too. They all are big. Standing next to them,  I felt like i m standing next to a Giant.  I m sorry for the remarks. That was my first thought. But hey, I m amazed at their devotion. They commitment for Christ to raise a godly generation.

I thought they would be some rich guys and came for vacation or something. But i m very wrong. They are so down to earth. All of them, there are 7 members team, Chris, andy, david, daniel, patrick,reed, another david. They are really had a great heart to serve the lord. I bless them with all my heart, may god them find good fields for them to work.

They did not visited my MERCY HOME though. But after my conversation with Andy and David, they said, they will make sure they will visit next time. I want to surprise them with something, which they be encouraged to go forward. It is a lot. But it worth it. David liked my idea of Financially self sufficient hostels, so is andy. The idea I have for years, since childhood. Encouraged by Rodney. I have to put some serious thoughts and bring my dream come true. Which is to send missionaries from INDIA to AFRICA. A hostel runs on tithes of the Church family in INDIA. Would't that be a great idea.

A few objections on my side is that , If i focus on business, i can't give time to Jesus. Which i never like. Have to think of something. Well anyway, I came a long way now. Where I stand now is great. From non-believer to now soldier to establish his kingdom. Well will you look at that. Is't the God I serve amazing...

Thats all for now.. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

it is been an year , i have finally bought avenger ... the dream bike... i first saw it and enquire about it along with rodney which was a bad experience coz of the treatment of the sales women..after 5 years of that bad experience i bought the avenger 220 cc... its been an year now..  

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bought a new Bike


I bought a new bike, APACHE RTR 180, front and back disk breaks, full compression.

I like to pray to my father... now,

O heavenly father, help me to deal with issues that i been dealing.

Asking in the name of jesus.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back in the bussines

Loosing my dad, is one the most memorable moments of all. It is said so truely by the great grand fathers that. You only know the person's Value , when they are unavailable. Well im learning it the hard way.

Now i have to stop greeving at some point and get on with life.

So now is the time time start.

I m contemplating on buying a bike.

Lets hope that i get it done.

Friday, December 11, 2009


O lord you called me when i m in deep sin. I see myself farway from you, yet you calling me to serve you, and you gave me the burden of my father and grand fathers. Lord I have not know anything to teach to your folks, for I m a sinner. Unworthy of any kindness or love. yet you calling me to serve is a great burden on my shoulder. How can i lead a life of purity and when i m in darkness. I see only darkness all around me. Your light on my face and calling me to climb the ladder. But O lord, I still love this sinful life, how can I stay faithful, I be a heartbreaker my lord. I m unworthy, unworthy. I have broken your heart, broken my promises that i have made with you, i been unfaithful in keeping your commandments, My lord, i wanted to say wrong choice to you, but I can't say that coz you know what you are doing unlike we humans. Help, help me my father coz i m a sinner.
Please re-consider, coz my ways are worldy, I m still after money and richness, I still love this world. I have no desire to preach to people. I have speak in my eye, how can i find or preach to other's. Hear me lord for I m a sinner and you know my deeds, there is nothing hidden before your eyes. I do not wish to say i don't want to serve you. Yes i want to serve you, But i be that heart breaker, that lier, that unfaithful servent, that disobidient son, that waste life, that looser , in whom there is no progress. Its a waste of time and money. I m a waste on this earth. I m a selfish person, I have known only selifness, I m so unfiting to serve you my Lord. I m more that disqualified. I m hypocryte, I m deciever, I tend and make people mend to my ways and get my things that , I m a manipulator. My father. I m so unworthy. To serve a truthful and pure God like you.

O heaven fall up on me, I sure know My place is in hell, coz my ways leadth me to HELL. I m a disgrace to my father in heaven, I m a disgrace to my DAD, I m disgrace to my mother. I love this world, I m so stuck up with all kinds of fantasy, I can't lead people, I m more stubourn and hard headed. I listen to none, I rebel, I reveal, I keep no secreat, I make mockery of people, i m very very bad person. O father some people dream to have the things I have, yet my heart still not turning to your ways. O father I have known your power, I know how you speak to me, I been in a good realtionship with you, but Now i m move away.
I m moved on. I need you, But i can't serve you. I wanted to serve you but I m not that proper person to teach these floks.

O heavenly father pleaser reconsider. Asking in the name of jesus Christ.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Alive and kicking

Well I m leaving to Hyderabad on Monday 14th july 2008. It going to be my 8th trip(4 trips up and down) to hyderabad. thats 305 x 8 = 2440 Kilometer ride. An offical record of my own. Been to Rajamundry for the 4th time(2 trips up and down) i.e., 275 x 4 = 1100 Kilometers. Went to Narsapoor Thrice i.e, 175 x 3 = 525 Kilometers. Yahooo.......

Its officially 2440+1100+525 = 3075 Kilometer Bike ride and counting. Wish to take a long trip around the State first then the South India and then on and on. On my Bike. I m thiking to Sell this baby My ap 16 s 5620 suzuki samurai of 2002 model. But i m too attachted to it. Listens to me. If fills me. But What can I say, I got to let it go . The first bike I owned from March 2006 to till date. This baby listens to me like a little gal. I wish it gives me more milage. So that I dont need to sell. If it can give me like 60 Kilometer per liter. I won't need to sell it. But I m no Bike mechanic to make any alterations. A gas saving kit or tool. Which designed to save petrol. I don't know.

Now I feel like living, I have to buy Camera to get good pictures of the wonderful scenories that I get to see, When I ride. I got religion 2 years ago and I m too much dependant on god to take any of my own decisions, but stil sometimes the old habit kicks in and I take decisions of my own. Wish i could let god to do that for me. He is like friend to me, now in this betrayal and unbelieving period .I like to have him on my stride or my side. But hey I m alive, thanks to him that kep me alive. The one and only Almighty yahweh, through his son we have our grace.

God bless you all,

The Biker.