Friday, June 27, 2008

Need resuce

I m addicted, I need help. It can't be from humans, it has to be divine intervention. I have lost my 10 year of life, I have spent my time doing nothing but chatting on the internet. O my wasted years, where are you thee, Thou is lost forever. I did not realize how important you are. Now I m crying like a baby, what happened to my 10 years, what have I achieved. I have mastered the roleplays but what good they can bring into my life. I have lost it and loosing it again. I can't go back to god , due to this addiction coz i know I will fall again and I do not wish to frustrate God again by my actions. It better to wait and loose my addictions and go back to him. Coz all I wanted in my life is to serve him in a better way. Now the opportunity lies on paper, I need 4000$ to pick it and go to bible college in jackville. Who is going to give me money. Only father God can do that. No man can help me here, and i m not good at impression the lord, I have failed terribly. I failed him, failed myself and I lost my own self. I came to the lord for wrong reasons, Now I m asking him to save my soul from this pit, I hope that he would send resume and I would be saved, I wish that god wont close my eyes or blind me to see the opportunity and take rescue. Oh father send help, send me jackville and send me the outer ends of the world where is not good word. Help me work hard and help me live a simple life.
In the name of Jesus, I ask. Amen