Friday, December 11, 2009


O lord you called me when i m in deep sin. I see myself farway from you, yet you calling me to serve you, and you gave me the burden of my father and grand fathers. Lord I have not know anything to teach to your folks, for I m a sinner. Unworthy of any kindness or love. yet you calling me to serve is a great burden on my shoulder. How can i lead a life of purity and when i m in darkness. I see only darkness all around me. Your light on my face and calling me to climb the ladder. But O lord, I still love this sinful life, how can I stay faithful, I be a heartbreaker my lord. I m unworthy, unworthy. I have broken your heart, broken my promises that i have made with you, i been unfaithful in keeping your commandments, My lord, i wanted to say wrong choice to you, but I can't say that coz you know what you are doing unlike we humans. Help, help me my father coz i m a sinner.
Please re-consider, coz my ways are worldy, I m still after money and richness, I still love this world. I have no desire to preach to people. I have speak in my eye, how can i find or preach to other's. Hear me lord for I m a sinner and you know my deeds, there is nothing hidden before your eyes. I do not wish to say i don't want to serve you. Yes i want to serve you, But i be that heart breaker, that lier, that unfaithful servent, that disobidient son, that waste life, that looser , in whom there is no progress. Its a waste of time and money. I m a waste on this earth. I m a selfish person, I have known only selifness, I m so unfiting to serve you my Lord. I m more that disqualified. I m hypocryte, I m deciever, I tend and make people mend to my ways and get my things that , I m a manipulator. My father. I m so unworthy. To serve a truthful and pure God like you.

O heaven fall up on me, I sure know My place is in hell, coz my ways leadth me to HELL. I m a disgrace to my father in heaven, I m a disgrace to my DAD, I m disgrace to my mother. I love this world, I m so stuck up with all kinds of fantasy, I can't lead people, I m more stubourn and hard headed. I listen to none, I rebel, I reveal, I keep no secreat, I make mockery of people, i m very very bad person. O father some people dream to have the things I have, yet my heart still not turning to your ways. O father I have known your power, I know how you speak to me, I been in a good realtionship with you, but Now i m move away.
I m moved on. I need you, But i can't serve you. I wanted to serve you but I m not that proper person to teach these floks.

O heavenly father pleaser reconsider. Asking in the name of jesus Christ.

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